This photograph was taken in August 1932, outside the Jerman family home of Chapel House.   Mary Enid Jerman (left) was by now 24 and her sister Olwen 30.  Both were as yet unmarried.  Mary Enid had trained as a nurse in London and Olwen, always interested in fashion, was running a milliner's shop on Long Bridge Street, Llanidloes. 

Their parents' home gave out into "The Gro" - a general purpose piece of semi-public ground now used mainly used a car-park.  The photographer here is facing nearly directly west as the still existing railings are preventing the Jerman ladies from falling down a steep bank into the river Severn below.   Just to the right of Olwen's left shoulder, on the opposite riverbank, is the Frankwell - one of the original lock-ups in the town and butted on to the Bridgend Mill at the top of Short Bridge Street (out of picture).  Behind Mary Enid is the iconic roofline of a factory, the Spring Mill, a large woollen mill, now destroyed and the site built over.  The fields behind the mill would have previously been used to dry and (sun) bleach cloth.

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