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Site availability

I have re-established this site for the benefit of those who might be interested.  I will be updating it infrequently as I process new content.


I am now happy with the parentage of one of my GGG Grandmothers, Elizabeth b1818, below, having re-visited some of the data.  It is very complicated.  See her page.

I would like to recommend the work Chris Jarman and colleagues have been doing on our mutual family tree - truly a Herculean enterprise with tens of thousands of Jermans and associated families now linked through the generations.  If you are interested in viewing the data, you need to do it through, usually available free of charge at libraries.

Finally, this site remains a work in progress.  I need to work on this slowly, as time allows and as my interests develop.  I am now finding more time to visit the Llanidloes area and engage in more detailed small-scale research activities.

Further interests

- the various connections of the George family e.g. Ann George b1777 m. Edward Jerman b1753.  How does her family connect to the wider Georges who also married Jermans?

Current interests

I am now particularly interested in the following aspects of Jerman family history:

1. Patterns of land ownership and tenancy in the area.

2. The history of Glyngynwydd/Penpompren Mill, Cwmbelan.

3. The descendants of Daniel Jerman in Cwmparc, Treorchy, through his daughter Hannah Elizabeth Rich.

4. The parentage and residence(s) of my GGG Grandmother Elizabeth Jerman, b c.1818.


I am re-doing pages that were on the old web-site and trying to add more content where relevant.  Substantial revisions will not, however, take place at this stage.  Some pages are being put up and left incomplete as work in progress.  Please bear with me while I also try and re-familiarise myself with the resources I have.  It has been a while since I have involved myself with the Jermans so please be patient!


Welcome to, or back to, this web-site.  It is being established bit by bit,as time allows and as research is completed.  Please do get in touch if you would like to contribute to it.

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