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Bedw Farm is located just south of Oakley Llanidloes and is associated with branches of the Jerman family since at least the eighteenth century.


Bedw Farm, 2002; photograph by G. Jones

A headstone at the Parish Church of Llanidloes (St Idloes) records the death of Thomas Jerman of Bedw, November 8, 1812, aged 68, and his wife, Mary, September 6, 1805, aged 58.   Thomas Jerman and Mary Stephens had married in 1769.  Who took over Bedw farm after 1812 is as yet unclear.  Thomas and Mary had at at least one son and three daughters and it is possible that the son Thomas (1775-1840) and wife also Mary (1784-1841) took over the farm.  Because of their death dates, however, they do not appear on the first available census, which is for 1841.   Six of their children do, however, appear at Croesllyn and it is perhaps more possible that they simply continued there after the death of their parents.

In 1841 we can see an Evans family at Bedw and it might be that the wife is Elizabeth Jerman (born 16 Oct 1819), of nearby Coedmawr, given that her mother was an Evans, and next door at Pentre we see one of the Coedmawr sons (Daniel, born 9 Mar 1814) with wife Sarah Hamer (b1813, from nearby Llandinam).

Census Image of 1841


However, it is really only in 1851 that we can pin down one Maurice - most definitely said as, and sometimes written as "Morris" - Jarman who did come from Coedmawr farm a mile or so up the road past Oakley Park.  He was shown there aged 25 at the 1841 census.

Maurice Jarman was christened in November 1815, to parents Daniel and Mary Jarman. Maurice, aged 27, married Hannah Evans, 18, in July 1842. 

At the time of their marriage they were recorded as living at Maenol and Dolgenwith, both nearby. Maurice's occupation was recorded as Gamekeeper. He would have worked on the Maenol estate, based around the country house a couple of miles south-west of Llanidloes, very close to the new railway line from Llanidloes to Llangurig.   Hannah was indeed a minor in the eyes of the law, aged only 18 and would have needed her parents' permission to marry.  On the 1841 census, below, she is shown at 17, with parents Evan Evans and Hannah.  Although this census is unclear, as only the general township of Hengynwydd Fach is given for residence place, it supports her family residence being Dolgenwith, which is a farm just south of and adjacent to Maurice's home, Coedmawr.

Maurice and Hannah's first child, also Maurice, was born in October 1842 at Dolgenwith. At some point after this they must have left Hannah's family and begun to farm at Bedw.


Bedw farm is just south of the small hamlet of Oakley Park. The approach from the north shown below, it used to have a primary school and chapel; now both are closed.


                                                                                                         Photos by G. Jones, 2002

The 1851 census records the following family in Llanidloes Parish:

Morris Jarman, 35, head of the household, Farmer 77a employing 2 labourers

(Morris will be a vernacular rendering of Maurice).

Hannah Jarman, 28, Farmer's Wife

Morris Jarman  8, Farmer's Son  

Elizabeth Jarman, 6, Farmer's Daughter

Mary Jarman, 4, Farmer's Daughter

Daniel Jarman, 2, Farmer's Son

Also resident in the household:

Joseph Owen, 17, Ag.Lab.

Evan Jones, 14, Ag. Lab.

Ann Jones, 11, House servant.

Missing from the 1851 return are two daughters - both called Hannah. The first is believed to have been born in July 1850, but is believed to have died in December of the same year. Later, in October 1851, a second Hannah Jerman was born, and she appears resident at Bedw, aged 10, in the 1861 census, as shown below.


                                                                                                          extract of 1861 census

1863 - Death of Mother and Daughter

Maurice and Hannah Jerman appear to have had at least eight children between 1842 and 1863, Daniel (born 1848) being the direct descendant currently of interest as the author's GG Grandfather.    A gravestone in Bethel Cemetery, Llanidloes, records first the death of Hannah Jarman, wife of Maurice Jarman, in January 1863, aged 39. She appears to have died a few days after giving birth to daughter Eleanor Jarman. Shortly afterwards, in April, another daughter Sarah was also buried there, aged 2.

It is not yet known where Maurice Jerman is buried; he is believed to have died in 1902. He is shown resident at Bedw in 1901.


                                                                                Gravestone of Hannah and Sarah Jerman of Bedw, 1863

1872 - Marriage between farming families

In 1872, aged 23, son Daniel was married and is recorded as residing at the time of his marriage at "Bedow, Llanidloes", Bedow being a vernacular rendering of "Bedw".  He married Elizabeth George, daughter of Edward George, Miller, of Glyngynwydd or Penpompren Mill.

1874 - Hannah Jerman

Hannah Jerman married Edward Morgan of St Harmon in 1874, at the Baptist Chapel, Llanidloes, Edward's place of birth is recorded as St Harmon, Radnorshire, but at the time of his marriage he is shown resident at Morfodion Farm - which is very close indeed to Bedw Farm. Edward and Hannah proceeded to have at least seven children together. The first five of these were born in Llanidloes, but then the family appears to have moved, sometime between 1885 and 1886, to Troedyrhew in the Merthyr Tydfil area of South Wales. Like many other migrants from rural mid-Wales, Edward Morgan became a coal-miner and seems - according to his death certificate - appears to have died as a result of this employment in 1916. Hannah Jerman had pre-deceased him in 1891, aged only 39.

Three years before her marriage to Edward Morgan in 1874, in April 1871, Hannah Jerman had given birth at Bedw to Martha Elizabeth Jerman, who was apparently illegitmate as no father's name is recorded on the birth certificate, and she retained her mother's Jerman surname until marriage. Martha Elizabeth does not appear to have been brought up by her mother and future husband; rather, she remained as a Jerman, on the family farm at Bedw (see 1881 census details below). Martha Elizabeth married a Thomas Wooley in 1892 and by 1901 they can be found at Cwmdu, Llanidloes, very near neighbours - and cousins whether they knew it or not - of Edward Jerman's family.

(thanks to Sylvia Prosser of Victoria, Australia, who has provided information on Hannah Jerman's descendants).

1881 - Census

Maurice Jarman is again recorded at Bedw.

The 1881 census records the following family at Dwelling: Bedw

Maurice Jarman, 66, widower, head of the household, Farmer 71a

Evan Jarman, 26, Farmer's Son

Edward Jarman, 22, Farmer's Son

Elen Jarman, 18, Daughter (note: really "Eleanor" - GJ)

Martha Jarman, 10, Daughter

The 1881 entry is interesting in that it seems to suggest that the children shown in the 1851 census had by now left home (Daniel has married,above; Maurice, can be found in Lower Green, Llanidloes), with those born 1851-1871 still resident at Bedw.   Later on, he moved to the Dolforgan Estate, Kerry, near Newtown.

The ten year old Martha is not actually Maurice's daughter; rather, his grand-daughter, baptised Martha Elizabeth in April 1871 in Llanidloes parish to Hannah Jerman, recorded of Bedw, and described above on this page.

Into the 20th Century...

Maurice Jerman lived a long life and is recorded, aged 86, again at Bedw Farm in the 1901 census. He is shown as the father of the Head of the household, one Edward Jerman, aged 39.

The 1901 census records the following family at Bedw Farm  

Edward Jarman, Head, 39, Farmer, "Own Account"

Margaret J. Jarman, Wife, 36

Mary A. Jarman, Daughter, 10

Edward Jarman, Son, 7

Evan Jarman, Son, 2

Martha E. Jarman, Daughter, 1

Maurice Jarman, Father, Widower, 86, Retired Farmer

(The census entry uses the "Jarman" spelling)

The 1911 census records the following family at Bedw Farm  :

Edward Jerman, Head, 53, farmer and employer

Margaret Jerman, Wife, 48  4 living children are recorded for her

Mary Hannah Jerman, 20, daughter, dairy worker

Edward Jerman, 17, son, working on farm

Evan Jerman, 12, scholar

Martha Jerman, 11, scholar

A gravestone in Dol Hafren Cemetery, Llanidloes later records the death of Edward Jerman on 16 January 1939, aged 79. His wife, Margaret, had died previously, aged 66, on 6 June 1930. Edward was born on 23 February 1859 at Bedw, to parents Maurice Jerman and Hannah Evans. His age of 22 in the 1881 census is recorded correctly; however he seems to have shaved a couple of years off his age for the 1901 census.  Edward married Margaret Jane Jones, of Trefeglwys, on 22 May 1881. They appear to have had the children shown above in the 1901 census. Also buried in Dol Hafren Cemetery is Edward Jerman (b.1895, died 2nd March 1975).  It is probably him who is mentioned in a Roll of Honour in Oakley Park Presbyterian Chapel, recording the service of Private Edward Jerman of "Beelw" in the Great War of 1914-1918.


                                      General views of the farmland around Oakley Park.  Photos by G. Jones, 2002

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