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Coedmawr (literally, "Large Wood") is north east of Oakley Park, three or four miles north east of Llanidloes. The first identified connection so far with this farm is with Daniel Jarman (1789-1862) of Glangwden and Mary Evans (1791-1878) of Trefeglwys (the authors GGGG Grandparents). They married on 11 August 1811 at Carno. They had at least 13 children between 1812 and 1837. One of their direct descendants farmed at Coedmawr until at least the 1930s.  The farm is still believed to be in Jerman hands.


Here we find Daniel and Mary Jarman, both aged 50, with a splendid arrangement of 10 children at the 1841 census.

1851 - Census

The 1851 census then records the following family in Llanidloes Parish:

JARMAN Daniel, h, m, 61, Fmr 240a emp 1 lab.
JARMAN Mary, w, m, 59, Farmer's wife,
JARMAN Edward, s, u, 29, Fmr.'s son Ag. lab
JARMAN Richard, s, u, 22, Farmer's son,
JARMAN Martha, d, u, 19, Farmer's daughter
JARMAN John, s, u, 17, Farmer's son
JARMAN Nicholas, s, u, 14, Farmer's son
JARMAN Thomas, gs, u, 2, Farmer's grand son
HUMPHREYS Margaret, sv, u, 15, House servant

From their first-born children, no longer living at Coedmawr in 1851,

Sarah (born 1812) had married John Wooley in 1832; 

Daniel (1814) was by this time farming nearby at Pentre;

Maurice (1815) was farming at Bedw

David (1818 ) died age 31 in 1849; 

Elizabeth (1819) unknown; 

Sarah (1823) married Edward Jerman of Tydynn Felindu in 1848, 

Thomas (1825) died aged 26 in 1850; 

Ann (1829) married a first cousin, Thomas Jacks Jerman, also of Tyddyn Felindu in 1848.

As has been noted elsewhere, inter-marriage among Jerman families was quite common and it is interesting to note that two of this family's daughters married a father and son from a related Jarman family. As noted above, in March 1848, Sarah, aged 24, became the second wife of Edward Jerman, 50, of Tyddyn Felindu. His maternal grandparents were Daniel Jarman and Martha Meredith, of Cae-Iago, one of whose grandsons was Daniel Jarman here of Coedmawr. Sarah married, therefore, her first cousin, once removed. Later, in July 1848, Ann Jerman of Coedmawr married her second cousin, Thomas Jacks Jerman, who was Edward Jarman's son. The middle name came from his mother, Martha Jacks.

Thomas Jarman, shown above in 1851 aged 2 and as grandson was a child of the above Thomas Jacks and Ann Jerman, who at this time were farming at Lower House, Llandinam. It is not known whether he was being brought up at Coedmawr or may simply have been "visiting" at the time of the Census. He died in Oxford, having married in Chester, in 1913 and his descendants continue to live in Oxfordshire. His parents, Thomas Jacks and Ann, moved to Lampeter sometime after 1851 but before 1865 when Ann died there, aged only 36. Thomas Jacks died there in a railway accident in 1891 aged 1866.  Another child of Thomas Jacks and Ann Jerman was Daniel B. Jerman, who, following the death of his father in 1891, emigrated to the USA on the "Germanic". He appears to have settled in Oregon and again his descendants continue to the present day.


Daniel Jarman of Coedmawr died in August 1862, aged 73, and his wife Mary in 1878, aged 87. His will was proved in November 1862. It appears that Nicholas Jerman took over the running of the farm at some point before 1878 (see Trade Directory, below).

njerman direct

Cassey's Trade Directory of 1878 shows Nicholas Jerman as a farmer at Coedmawr.

1881 - Census

The 1881 census records the following family dwelling at Coedmawr::

Nicolas JARMAN M 47  M Rel: Head Occ: Farmer 210 Acres
Jane JARMAN M 39 Rel: Wife
Mary JARMAN U 15 F Rel: Daur
David JARMAN   13  M Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Thos. JARMAN   12  M Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Nicolas JARMAN   7  M Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
Eliz.A. JARMAN   3  F Rel: Daur
Jane JARMAN   1  F Rel: Daur
Daniel JARMAN W 68  M Rel: Border Occ: No Occupation
Ann Jane OWENS U 18  F Rel: Serv Occ: Genl Servant (Dom)

Nicholas Jerman was born on 11 January 1837 - there is a discrepancy of some four years in his age given on the 1881 census. He married Jane Breese - from another farming family at nearby Gellilefrith - at the Parish Church of St Idloes in March 1865. As well as the six children shown above, they had at least two others - Daniel and Richard, after 1881. At this point, Daniel Jarman, aged 68 and now a widower, previously of Pentre is back living with his younger brother's family in the house he was probably born in.

Nicholas Jerman senior died on 1 January 1891. His will mentions the farm as a "business" and as an "estate". His will specified that his wife and six of his children ("at home" at the time of his will in November 1890) "continue together and jointly carry on the farming business" and he also specifies that if any marry or otherwise wish to dissolve partnership that they should be given their part in money, according to "the medium price of the day".

Nicholas Jerman, born 1874, aged 7 above, continued the running of Coedmawr until at least the 1930s. He is not believed to have married.

This gravestone, in Dolhafren Cemetery, Llanidloes, commemorates firstly the death of Nicholas Jerman senior in 1891, then his wife, Jane in 1916. Daughter Mary, shown above, aged 15 in 1881, died 10 years later in 1891 and son Thomas in 1933. Nicholas Jerman, born 1874, is shown as deceased in 1954, aged 8

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