Main Jerman Families

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                                               A general view in the Trannon valley, near Trefeglwys.  Photo by G. Jones, Feb. 2009

I believe the Jermans first settled around the old township of Manledd, which may have given its name to Y Fan or The Van village, near Trefeglwys.  In this area are two key farms for the Jermans: Penclyn and Cae Iago.  Large numbers of today's descendansts trace their forebears to these farms.  Of further interest is Pennhyle.


Penclyn farm is situated just east of the Llyn Clewedog reservoir. The owner was Sir Watkyn Williams Wynn, one of the largest landowners in Wales in the eighteenth century. It is said that he let the farm to one of his servants, named Jerman and the farm continued in Jerman occupancy for over 350 years. A bed belonging to this family was moved from Cwmdylluan to Tynwaen and it is said that the name of the craftsman and the year 1500 were carved on the wood of the bed.  On 26 April 1771, David Jerman of Llanwnog married Jane Bennett and they had six children, one of whom, Thomas, farmed at Penclyn. He was the last of the family to farm here, as he moved to Van Farm in about 1847 when the Penclyn Lead Mining Company took the farm from him. The children of David Jerman and Jane Bennett were extremely prolific and much of the family tree so far discovered goes back to them, and David Jerman's parents, believed to be a Daniel Jerman and Mary.

Cae Iago

In the meantime, another son of Daniel Jerman and Mary (probably of Trefeglwys), Daniel, married Martha Meredith on 8 January 1750. They farmed at Cae-Iago, near Van, and this farm continued in Jerman occupancy until very recently.

Daniel Jarman and Martha Meredith had at least 11 children, some of which were similarly prolific and this couple figure also as key ancestors for many of the later Jermans in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (including the web-site author)


Similarly, Richard Jerman (parents unknown) married Margaret (possibly Cleaton) in approx. 1750 and resided at Pennyhle (now further afield from this area, about half-way between Llanidloes and Llangurig). An early example of inter-marriage between different Jerman branches took place in April 1783 through the marriage of their son Thomas to Mary Jerman, daughter of Daniel Jerman and Martha Meredith (above) of Cae-Iago. Their descendants were again extremely prolific and established farming families at Dolgenwith, Tyddyn Felinddu, Croes-lllyn and Bailey, Llangurig, amongst others.

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