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Edward Jarman and Joanna Hayes


Edward Jarman (left) was born on 7 May 1853 at Bontnewydd Fach, near Llandinam, three miles east of Llanidloes.  He was the fourth child and second son of Thomas Jacks Jerman (1824-1891) and Ann Jerman (1829-1865). Thomas Jacks and Ann were second cousins. Ann was of Coedmawr, daughter to Daniel Jerman and Mary Evans.

Edward's parents, Thomas Jacks and Ann, moved out of the Montgomeryshire area, to Lampeter in the south west of Wales, sometime between 1863 and 1865 (son Daniel B. was born in 1863 in Llanidloes; Richard was born in 1865 in Lampeter). It is perhaps this relatively unusual first       dislocation from the area that further encouraged Edward, and later, in 1891, following the death of his father in a railway accident, his brother Daniel B., to emigrate to the USA.  Their sisters,  Sarah and Ann, also moved later from Wales, very unusually for these families, to Scotland.

Edward Jerman's obituary mentions that he came to the USA as a young man - almost certainly prior to 1881 as he is not readily identifiable in the UK census - and he is believed to have married in the USA in 1882. He settled first in Chicago, engaged in the horse and transfer business. It then appears he moved further west and in the early 1900s he is mentioned in a local news-sheet as resident of Lamona, Washington State, taking mangement of "his brother Dan's ranch". This would have been after the emigration of brother Daniel B. in 1891, and concurs with the obituary statement that he moved to Lamona around four years before his death in 1914. Daniel B. had moved on to Weston, Oregon (a next-door state) by this time but a local Lamona newsheet mentions his sometime presence at the ranch in 1910. The obituary continues to state that Edward held the ranch for a year, until taking a position at a the firm of Davis and Young, where he worked until ill-health forced retirement.


The 1900 US census entry above shows Edward Jarman and his wife Joanna (or Anna), née Hayes, resident in Chicago with their three children, Mattie, May and Edward. Edward Jarman and Joanna Hayes are believed to have married in 1882 in Illinois (probably Chicago). Joanna is recorded as being born in Illinnois, as are their children.  One of their children, Edward Owen Jarman (1893-1982) is shown below, as a young man.




Descendants of Edward Jerman are found today in Texas and California.

Daniel B. Jarman

Descendants of of brother Daniel B. Jerman (born Llanidloes, 1863) are today found in Oregon and California.  The splendid "Daniel B Jarman House", built 1929, in Salem, Oregon, is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places.    Built at his retirement aged around 66 in 1929 it provides some contrast to his birthplace in a farmhouse at Bontnewydd, Llandinam.  Dan B was a successful executive and partner with JC Penney, a well-known American department store chain.

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Sheep above Bont-newydd.  Photo by Bill Boaden, Used under Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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